Career Advisors

If you provide career counseling to high school students or adults, make sure you mention the audiovisual industry as a potential career path.

What makes a good candidate for the AV industry?
Generally speaking, people in the AV industry are known for their strong left-brain, right-brain skills. Industry stars have a technical aptitude for the science of sight and sound. Those who are good at working with computers or enjoy tinkering with AV systems and equipment you will probably thrive in the AV industry. The creative side of the business involves a range of abilities from designing AV systems, to staging and producing events and preparing content for presentations and digital signage.

What are the prospects for the AV industry?
The commercial AV industry has been growing at a strong pace for more than a decade. Salaries range from $40,000 to $100,000+, depending on the position.

Why is the AV industry growing?
Anywhere there is a need to digest and share information, you can find an audiovisual (AV) application. Boardrooms, classrooms, courtrooms, situation rooms and operating rooms all employ AV technology. So do airports, museums, stadiums, theaters, hotels, restaurants and churches.

The AV industry is dedicated to helping society communicate effectively and efficiently. It is a vibrant $68 billion global industry that has transformed from simple, stand-alone components, to complex systems involving videoconferencing, digital signage, command-and-control, building operations and more. AV is used in a wider variety of applications in large part because AV equipment can now be networked over IP systems. InfoComm projects the AV industry to grow to $91 billion by 2012.

What is a day in the life of an AV professional like?
Variety is the best way to characterize a day in the life of an AV professional. If you are producing an event for a client, you will spend time up-front visiting the venue and the client to create a proposal for staging the keynote speech, break-out meetings and galas. Or if you are designing and integrating AV technology into a new building, you may be part of a building team specifying the right AV technology for individual rooms. Installation of AV equipment for staged events or in buildings entails physical labor and the ability to troubleshoot unforeseen obstacles to deliver the optimal experience for AV end users.

How can someone get started in an AV career?
Please visit Planning Your AV Career for detailed information.