For decades, audiovisual (AV) technology has played an important role across the enterprise. AV systems in the corporate world range from the digital signage and background music system in the lobby, to the projector, screen and interactive whiteboard in the meeting room, and the videoconferencing system in the executive boardroom. AV systems have provided business tools to generate and connect ideas.

AV plays an integral part in today's business initiatives. The corporate market is fiercely competitive, with constant pressure from competitors who take note of every product innovation and marketing campaign. The drive to cut costs without compromising communication has brought AV technologies like telepresence and streaming media to the forefront of enterprise business strategy, helping to reduce treks between global offices and preserving productivity that is usually lost during intensive travel.

Shrinking travel budgets and a focus on reducing one's carbon footprint means that the value of AV is increasing. Enterprise video communications is used in every aspect of sales, marketing, human resources, and management. Enterprise streaming media markets are anticipated to reach $14.4 billion by 2014. Continued advances in AV technology and rapid adoption mean that innovation and idea generation happen at the speed of business. In addition to fixed installations of AV, the corporate world relies on live event professionals to put the "wow factor" into product launches, special events and more.