Houses of worship rely on AV to engage the congregants, share information about services and convey the message about their beliefs. There are approximately 335,000 religious congregations in the United States. Most of these congregations use AV, whether it is a simple amplified audio system for speech reinforcement or a large multi-video screen system with video cameras and distributed audio.

In churches, specifically, AV technology is used to increase production value  everything from the band for weekly praise and worship services to the annual holiday musical. For multipurpose spaces, flexible audio systems provide coverage for overflow crowds, study groups and other group activities. Digital signage plays a dual role in information dissemination as well as for room signage on large church campuses.

AV technology is also making a showing on the exterior structures of houses of worship. LED billboards that are electronically updated are taking the place of traditional signage, and eliminating the need for someone to climb a ladder and change the letters on the sign in inclement weather.